We put you in control
of your belongings

Reversing consumerism - one organized thing at a time.

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LyfAI  - A simple and intelligent way to organize your belongings | Product Hunt
Computer Vision

Joyful Organizing

With the help of computer vision,
your items are automatically labeled.

Powerful Search

Powerful Search

Be in control. Locate your things easily. Save time.
“Hey LyfAI, where did I put my spare AA batteries?”

Alexa Skill

Data Protection

We use top of the line security practices and encryption to protect your data. You can export your data anytime.

Always Free

Always Free

To reverse consumerism, we help change consumer habits.
To make that dream come true LyfAI has to stay free. Forever.

“Alexa, ask LyfAI to find my skateboard.”

How nice would it be if all your things are just one question away?
Enable Alexa Skill, link it to your LyfAI account, and enjoy the convenience of searching for your items by talking to your Echo device.

Enable Alexa Skill Just Ask Alexa
Alexa Echo

Download the app

Available on mobile app stores,
but also as Echo and Nest skills.


Computer vision is your friend
for initial organizing.

Got assistant?

Enjoy all the benefits
of a knowledgeable assistant.

How it works

If you are not convinced that you will have a lot of fun using the app look at the video below.
This tells the story better than words can.

Why it works

Most people can identify with all these reasons.
What resonates most with YOU?

Who is behind LyfAI?

These guys are not joking when they say they want to bring out the minimalist in you.
It is half ART, half SCIENCE



Chief Artist


Chief Scientist

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Please let us know how can we serve you better.


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